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Multifamily for sale Phoenix. Representing home buyers & Phoenix property investors. The listings are offered for sale from ARMLS Database. Displaying Phoenix Arizona Investment Property. Check out the links above for Phoenix Arizona Investment Property. Use the rental property calculator for income estimates.

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Phoenix property investors work with an experienced multifamily agent who understands investment property and is familiar with the area The Phoenix area has a large number of fourplex for sale where other states like Texas have fewer 4-plexes and dominate duplexes When placing a contract on a investment property thoroughly research the area for future rent potential. Get all expenses and it is also advisable to get estoppel certificates, leases sometimes have discrepancies. Use the rental property calculator to determine estimated net income. Talk with the tenant to get a better understanding of rents and expenses. Typically there is one water meter and the owner pays water, sewer, trash. Not always, be sure and check. Some areas are on a septic system. This will require more expertise for inspections, obtaining certificates, etc. Aluminum wiring is also still present in some properties. This may also be a concern. Phoenix Rental Property can be a good investment. Phoenix property investors be prepared, do research to find a reputable property manager, discuss fees and read the property contract thoroughly before signing. The Phoenix property investors website's rental property calculator is designed to give you a tool for seeing how well a property could perform. Let me know if you have questions and need to report an error